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Our Mission

Black Sheep Hotels brings together experience and expertise in a collection of highland country hotels strategically located to showcase the spirit of the Scottish Highlands. Our hotels provide an outdoor lifestyle where one can explore the regional landscape with outdoor activities and experience local culture and heritage.

We truly care for all our guests and work hard at our innovative approach in providing distinctive authentic hospitality. We employ individuals with a positive, enthusiastic demeanour that are considerate to every guests’ needs. Our Team Members are dedicated to creating a ‘family style’ environment that is enriching and we believe in simply caring for those entrusted to us and provide them with rewarding careers.

Our Vision

Black Sheep Hotels will create a highly performing enterprise by focusing on what’s important – our guests, our team members and our highland communities. We will build our business by enhancing and enriching the lives and experiences of each.

Core Values

At Black Sheep Hotels, we as a family are firmly committed to the following values:

Creativity & Innovation
Honesty & Integrity
Hard Work & Perseverance
Enjoyment & Fun
Pride & Belonging

No temptation will be strong enough, no adversity severe enough for us to abandon them.